Return of Ontario’s Six Billion Dollar Man

Bob Chiarelli is back as the Wynne government’s Energy Minister.

Last December, I started the series “Chiarelli: Ontario’s Six Billion Dollar Man” to track some of Bob wacky assertions about energy in Ontario. You can select the series the categories on the right hand side of your screen.

The first edition of this series addressed his claim that Ontario’s electricity exports have earned profits of $6 billion. My question was picked up by Steve Paikin at TVO and Minister Chiarelli eventually explained that he relies on the Toronto Sun for his research on electricity export economics, as discussed in the third edition of this series.

The second edition challenged his repetition of the longstanding junk claim from the Liberals that Ontario has cut health care and environmental costs of $4.4 billion per year by closing coal plants, four of which have effective scrubbers drastically reducing hazardous emissions.

The fifth edition of this series lampooned the Minister’s claims that OPG profits have paid $7 billion toward the cost of education in Ontario.

I have also asked the Minister a number of questions on Twitter, none of which has elicited any response from him. These include:

April 4, 2014 in response to a tweet from Minister Chiarelli announcing an industrial power rate subsidy program: “Hey @Bob_Chiarelli you subsidize industrials while ordering more junk wind/solar/bio/storage. Double hit 4 small user”

April 15, 2014: “Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, once Thunder Bay GS is running on “advanced biomass” what will the power cost?”

April 25, 2014: “Hey @Bob_Chiarelli, ON exports at a loss, pays gens to not produce & you just ordered more gen contracts. How does conservation save money?”


  1. Six Billion Dollar Bob is so incompetent. I guess with a majority the government figures they can do anything. With growing pressure on taxpayer coffers let’s just watch how much social engineering and economic development gets jammed onto the electricity rate base.

    • My Hydro One budget bill shows about $25 for actual electricity but $160 in other charges for a total of $185 which is up from $120 total bill from this time last year.

      Another way to raise money for Ontario without calling this a tax increase.

  2. Can someone please give us a report on the method being used and cost to dispose of nuclear waste in Ontario

  3. In a world where black is white and truth suppressed it should not be surprising that the liar in chief for ‘energy’ was reappointed to his role. After all, as long as the right people are making money now, who cares if it is at the cost of the future. Why the goals of wrecking the economy, destroying migratory birds and adding to greenhouse gasses is so important to this administration is impossible to speculate. But I fear that their vision for the future is nothing more than a WalMart parking lot with all the real wealth of the province diverted to Grand Cayman offshore accounts.

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    • Documenting Minister Chiarelli’s comments and initiatives doesn’t strike me as “whining”. The governance structure of Ontario’s power situation makes Minister Chiarelli the Louis XIV of electricity in the province. Perhaps I have been too harsh in my reviews of the Minister. What are Minister Chiarelli’s wisest decisions?

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