Gas Busters Part 66: Appearance Before Gas Scandal Committee Coming April 23

Gas Busters will be taking a road trip to Queen’s Park where I have been called to testify before the Justice Policy Committee. The show is on Wednesday April 23 starting at 2 pm.

The committee hearings are open to the public, although I am pretty sure that popcorn is frowned upon.

Comments responding to this post from those interested in the gas plant scandal and the Gas Busters series on key messages for the committee members would be most appreciated.

The committee hearings are webcast. While the hearing is live, go to the Ontario Legislature’s home page ( and select the “Queen’s Park Webcasts” link on the right hand side of your screen, then navigate to “Committee Webcasts”.

Attached is an updated list of the witness appearances so far: List of presenters Justice Policy


  1. The Justice Committee must consider all the victims of these recklessly negligent, fraudulent energy racketeers. For example, wind turbine perpetrators are causing unmitigated, disastrously mushrooming crises in Rural Ontario and financial communities by ignoring liabilities. Families with children are being harmed by noise and electrical pollution that could be prevented ‘with the flick of a switch.’ Worse is how these frauds harm all of our economies. This lack of accountability is insufferable.

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity to comment.

  2. Hope you get a good turnout of hostile rural folk and can bust more than gas at the show. Tell them to declare the Liberals “unsustainable” and Lake Superior off limits to sWINDlers.

    • The committee and its witnesses should remain focused on the mandate given the committee by the legislature, which is: Review of the matter of the Speaker’s finding of a prima facie case of privilege, with respect to the production of documents by the Minister of Energy and the Ontario Power Authority to the Standing Committee on Estimates and to consider and report its observations and recommendations concerning the tendering, planning, commissioning, cancellation, and relocation of the Mississauga and Oakville gas plants.

      It seems to me that this mandate is very carefully drafted and hard to improve upon. These questions deserve answers.

  3. Today’s Queens Park Committee webcast was interrupted just after MPP Bob Delaney started asking questions about Tom’s affiliation with the Progressive Conservative party. I verified with Teresa at “Broadcasting & Recording” 416-325-3500 that the service had gone down. Teresa confirmed the recordings are not archived online to watch later.

    How we can find out what happened at the Committee hearing? And why did the service go down?

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