Gas Busters Part 63: Hypothetical Question

Hypothetically speaking, if a person (or several such people) formerly working in the Ontario’s Premier’s Office was charged with a criminal offence (or offences) related to destroying public documents (such as government emails related to the gas plant scandal), who should pay their legal costs? If such as person was found by a court to be criminally responsible for such destruction, wouldn’t that be acting outside the scope of their employment? Should taxpayers be vicariously liable for their legal costs if such a person was to be found guilty?

These questions spring to mind, particularly in light of the exceptionally dignified and professional appearance of OPP Commissioner Lewis last week at the gas scandal hearings before the Justice Policy Committee of the Legislature.

Philip Donelson, Policy Advisor in Office of the Minister of Energy, appears this afternoon at 3 pm.

One Comment

  1. This shouldn’t be described as a hypothetical question, in the context of malfeasance related to industrial wind turbines within the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and other Ministries.

    Government officers who have committed offenses should be responsible for their legal fees if they’re found guilty. They should be made aware of this upfront, and hopefully this would encourage them to admit their misdeeds instead of hiding behind Ministry lawyers. This would save taxpayers BIG TIME, and encourage better public policy.

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