Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 98: Toronto Sun Discovers Phoney Haines CVs

Joe Warmington at the Toronto Sun has discovered that there might be something wrong at Toronto Hydro. Warmington’s report is significant in that it is the first we have learned that Mayor Rob Ford has raised questions about the persistent perjury of Toronto Hydro’s CEO Anthony Haines. Rob Ford might ask his brother Doug why Doug has been the perjurer’s biggest ally on council.

If Mr. Warmington wanted to investigate some more bad stuff about 715 Milner Ave., he’d look at the story surrounding the west parking lot at the site and the amount of money Tony’s Hydro spent renovating the empty building it purchased in 2011.

I am pretty sure that 715 Milner is not yet in Toronto Hydro’s approved ratebase but I have a request in to Toronto Hydro to confirm.


  1. Ontario never had a grand jury system to investigate corruption as far as I know but maybe it’s time to adopt this system here.

  2. CG, Oct.20, 2010
    “Ontario needs its Grand Jury restored”, by Randy Hillier, MPP
    “Succesive governments through the years have gradually and incrementally neutered the individual’s ability to hold governments accountable or to punish those who break trust with the electorate.”

    The grand jury was later recognized by King John in the Maga Carta in 1215 on the demand of the nobility.
    Contrary to what some believe the grand jury is NOT an American idea but is rooted in English law.

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