Whither Ontario’s Small Volume Electricity Consumers?

I have applied to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) for a position as a small volume consumer representative on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

I have participated in the Stakeholder Advisory Committee in the past but not in a formal capacity. Many years ago, I was a member of the board of directors of the predecessor of the IESO.

Today, small volume electricity customers are vastly out-gunned in Ontario’s corridors of electric power. Examples of recent IESO decisions I have previously commented about that have harmed small consumers include the IESO’s endorsement of the Global Adjustment cost shifting scheme called High 5, the decision to transfer the cost of wind power forecasting from generators to consumers, and the decision to prevent neighbouring markets from accessing negative prices in Ontario during periods where Ontario has excess power production.

I have also criticized the IESO for a lack of independence in presenting to the public information about what is really going on with our electricity supply. For example, in this Youtube video the IESO reassured the public that wind power is replacing coal power. To technical audiences, the IESO message is very different. A couple of weeks ago, the IESO made this presentation on renewables integration to one of its technical stakeholdering committees. During the live portion of that presentation, the IESO discussed the track record of hourly variability of the wind fleet, measured at up to 30% of installed wind capacity. As Ontario wind capacity heads towards 6 GW of capacity, the reliability implications of this variability will be significant.

If I have an opportunity to participate in a formal capacity on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, I also hope to advance the cause of data transparency. My formulation of this concept is discussed in this posting. My intent is to advance public participation in energy decision making. By being better connected with IESO’s initiatives and priorities, I would hope to find ways to promote the concept of better data availability. Several months after I presented this information initiative idea at an industry conference and then subsequently posted the essay, the Mowat Centre presented a similar concept here, although in much less detail and also without acknowledge my work.

The IESO board of directors decides on new nominees at their meeting this Friday. If my application is accepted, small consumers can expect to see more IESO news on this site.

Please consider endorsing my application by emailing:

R. D. Roy Stewart
General Counsel and Secretary
Independent Electricity System Operator
Email: [email protected]

Post Script November 14 7:20 am – I am aware of 17 letters to the IESO endorsing my application to represent small volume customers on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. Many thanks to those who have expressed support so far.


  1. I support Tom Adams. We are paying outrageous costs for our electricity and for all the money going to support companies putting up inefficient wind turbines.

    • And I support Tom Adams as well!
      It’s about time that Ontarians woke up to all the lies, distortions, half-truths, etc. that they have been subjected to with this “green” energy fiasco.

  2. I endorsed Tom as well. Hopefully they have the guts to include him. I guess we’ll see what the IESO is made of.

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