Recommended Commentary: “Strong Grid” Smarter than “Smart Grid”

I recommend this commentary by Kennedy Maize distinguishing between a more resilient, reliable supply of electricity for consumers from the ill-defined and potentially invasive “smart grid”.

Maize’s essay specifically addresses policy developments in the U.S., but the profound interdependency of electricity systems across North America means that developments there are relevant to electricity sector developments in Canada.

Maize has a very long track record of providing important insights into the electric power industry that stand the test of time.


    • Smart grids are demand side management tools. Ontario energy policy is demand side and not supply side management.
      There is a North American grid and not just a Canadian energy grid which most people don’t understand.
      Southern Ontaio is already one of the lightning capitals of the world. If weather events become more severe in Ontario due to climate change as some predict then Ontario will be one of the worst places to install wind turbines because of the damage that can be done to turbines and power lines turbines required by them from increased severe storms both winter and summer.

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