Appealing Ontario’s Power Bill Secrecy

Earlier today, I filed the following complaint with the Ontario Power Authority in response to its refusal to disclose the outlook for Ontario’s overall power bill:

I am asking the OPA to reverse its decision to conceal the most up to date version of province’s near term revenue requirement outlook.

I urge you to consider three facts:

1. Your grounds for refusing to disclose to me the province’s near term revenue requirement would not qualify under the province’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) as grounds for refusal.

2. The OPA has disclosed revenue requirement data to me in response to an exactly identical FIPPA application in the past.

3. The policy issue you reference — the Long Term Energy Plan — has little or no impact on the near term revenue requirement.

Your reasoning is contrary to the law, contrary to precedent, and inconsistent with the financial logic of Ontario’s power system.

Forcing me to use a FIPPA application to obtain this information would cause an unnecessary waste of time and effort for all concerned.

It is clearly in the public interest for the Ontario Power Authority to respond to my request in a timely and fulsome fashion.

I look forward to your prompt and thoughtful reply.


  1. I look forward to their “prompt and thoughtful reply” too. Although I suspect you’ve already received the awaited response, I foolishly remain the epitome of “hope dies eternal”.

  2. Seems they are adopting the same tactics as HadCRUT in refusing to provide data to researchers lest they just test it for errors.

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