Corrupt Electricity Reporting Part 10: Toronto Star Editor Concedes Tyler Hamilton Concealed Conflict of Interest

After prompting the Toronto Star’s Public Editor to confirm receipt of my request for their definition of the phrase “press corruption” in the context of Tyler Hamilton’s concealed conflicts of interest posted here, I received the following at 12:03 PM today:

Mr. Adams;
I have recieved (sic) your email and I have no further response other than to tell you that in regard to the the (sic) July 2011 Air Miles column, I also think Tyler Hamilton should have disclosed that relationship to editors.
This is an issue from more than 2 years ago regarding a journalist who know (sic) longer writes for the Star. I have discussed all of this with the current managing editor and can assure you she is quite alert to any potential conflict issues and the need for disclosure from the Star’s writers and freelancers.
I am sorry but I have many more pressing current issues to handle here.
Kathy English/Public Editor
Toronto Star/


  1. Tom, It is nice to see truth actually prevail. It took a great effort on your part and we owe you a debt of gratitude for not backing away. If the media become irrelevant we are all doomed.


    • I am not quite finished documenting dirty journalism but I am excited to get some new material up on one of my favourite governance rot stories — the OEB/Toronto Hydro mash up.

  2. Tom – Ms. English and her editors at the Toronto Star have now admitted that – in regards to the July 2011 – Air Miles column Tyler Hamilton should have disclosed his relationship to his editors. It is now plain and obvious that the Star’s editors were not monitoring Mr. Hamilton.

    Air Miles appears to be ground zero in a revolving door of conflicted relationships between the OPA (Ben Chin) and journalist (Tyler Hamilton) and Liberal Party fixer (Gerry Butts at the World Wildlife Fund). It appears likely that the Liberal Party has joined forces with Air Miles to mine and exploit data Air Miles data for political advantage.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to connect the dots, Air Miles is a very big media buyer and that may explain why the Public Editor at the Toronto Star is intent on ignoring this culture of conflict you have brought to the Star’s attention.

  3. Tom: Being a bit of a stickler myself, regarding the importance of having an accurate and mutual understanding of definitions established between all potentially concerned with any judgement called into question, I was disappointed that your “please clarify the Toronto Star’s definition of press corruption” request of October 21, 2013 to Ms. English was not fulfilled in this October 25, 2013 response from her.

    Without mutual understanding of such details, any devil that’s in them remains likely to wreak unnecessary havoc by default?

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