Corrupt Electricity Reporting Part 9: Guest Post Challenges the Toronto Star to Make a Clean Break

The following letter was sent to the Toronto Star’s Public Editor, Kathy English ([email protected]), on October 21, 2013. The letter’s author lives in what is now referred to as “Ontario’s turbine alley”, an intensively industrialized wind power zone. The author has a long association with environmental activism and sustainable livelihood.
Ms. English,

I would like to say to you that the recent revelations about Tyler Hamilton having an undisclosed vested interest in the content of a number of his articles comes as no surprise. Since the Green Energy Act (GEA) was announced, the Star has been less an informative, balanced provider of information and more simply a Liberal policy advocate.

I doubt you have any idea how many people have been hurt by this Act. A newspaper I once had high regard for is now one I have lost complete faith in. The least you could do would be to publicly acknowledge your lack oversight of Mr Hamilton’s affiliations outside of your employ.

Name withheld by request due to the author’s ongoing attempt to sell his long time home.