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  1. I recently put this together:

    Planned Renewable Power in MW 10,000
    Efficiency (Capacity Factor) 0.25
    Hours per day 24
    Per day Energy 60000 MWH
    Days Per year 365.25
    Energy per Year (MWH) 21,915,000.00
    Price Paid (Our Cost) per MWH $120.00
    Our Cost per year $2,629,800,000.00
    Term of FIT 20 years
    Retail Price (All in) per MWH $250.00

    (Reatail based on a survey of a number of bills — all in with taxes and GAM)

    Yearly Retail Payment $5,478,750,000.00

    (Payment made by consumer)

    Retail over 20 Years $109,575,000,000.00

    Of course this does not include all the estimated payments for Additional distribution lines and switching stations — which would otherwise not be required. etc.

    The Gas plant scandal appears to be just 1% of the renewable energy scandal and debacle.

    The Gas Plant Scandal — as bad as it is — Is just Small Potatoes in the list of fumbles by the Liberal government.

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