Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 91: Do You Think Toronto Hydro’s Chair and CEO Are Credible?

The Toronto Star’s Kenyon Wallace has provided an excellent summary of news developments surrounding the persistent dishonesty of Toronto Hydro’s CEO and current chair of the Canadian Electrical Association, Anthony Haines.

Wallace’s coverage follows up on another solid report on the subject he published back in May 2013 and discussed in Part 73 of this series.

Unlike the May coverage, the Toronto Star has turned off its comments function for today’s article. Comments on the article are welcome here.


  1. Hi Again Tom,

    The current Mainstream Media to me seems that they are just doing a half assed job in reporting anything that’s negative in regards to Toronto Hydro…

    Could be Fear, Could also be the Media is getting hush hush money to only report very small amount of data or info in regards to anything that is Negative Media in regards to the entire Toronto Hydro Operation? (seems to me and many others feel that this is the case)

    Perhaps getting a right wing media machine like Fox News involved could start the correct and right level of flame to get the ball rolling…

    I am sure Bill O’reilly, at Fox news will run with this and Bill will for sure get in the bottom of what’s really going down at Toronto Hydro…

    Canadian Media has and always will be weak when it comes into these types of corruptions in regards to Government run Operations like Toronto Hydro, and others…

    Tom if you want this to really take off you will need a lot more help in the general mainstream media networks to get to the next level in getting in the bottom of what is taking place within Toronto Hydro…

    Keep up the great job Tom, and I hope one day in the very near future someone in the General Mainstream Media runs with this story and really digs in and gets right into the core of what games are being played by the boy’s and girl’s at Toronto Hydro…

  2. Dear Mr. Haines,

    20 years ago you chose to lie about your credentials – your entire career is based on a lie – you only have yourself to blame – you have betrayed the public that you were paid well to serve – you are nothing but a white collar criminal.

    • Dear Mada,

      As if deliberately trying to provide material for sarcastic humour, Tony is blocking my site on the internal Toronto Hydro web site. Tony knows that the Ontario Energy Board is unlikely to pursue him for perjury. After all, Tony was able to secure the services of Paul Sommerville as Toronto Hydro’s VP Regulatory. This employment deal was negotiated with Sommerville while Sommerville was in a position to influence Toronto Hydro case outcomes as a full-time Board member at the OEB. The OEB Chair, Rosemarie Leclair was herself parachuted in from Hydro Ottawa on a mission to turn the OEB into a trade association representing utilities. Leclair had the power to enforce the OEB’s Conflict of Interest rules that would have prevented the Sommerville/Haines deal but didn’t exercise her responsibiltiies. Key to Haines’ strategy is gross misconduct — such as deliberately leaving thousands in the dark extra time after Hurricane Sandy and lying about the cause the Thorncliffe Park blackout — all in an effort to demonstrate his sales pitch that the power system is falling apart, thereby securing OEB permission to jack up distribution rates. Toronto Hydro’s rates are already the highest of any urban distributor in Ontario. When Haines and his whitewasher Williams claim that there could be no truth to my allegations about gross misconduct because the OEB is watching everything and protecting the public interest, Haines and Williams know who the OEB is really working for.


      • Time for a Public Inquiry into this cabal of miscreants!
        With all this information flowing it seems to be the only logical path to be taken!
        I’m sure Toronto consumers would all agree!

  3. If Haines was operating in the Private Sector, or as I would call it, “The Real World”, he wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes on the job.
    That in itself speaks volumes about how absolutely corrupt our Electrical Sector has become with the support of this present Liberal Government!
    Time for a “house cleaning” across the board!
    Just remember that this man is not in this “alone”!

  4. Another instance where academic credential were not checked. Recall reading some time ago that about 15% of academic credentials claims are phony.
    Employers should be well aware of this.
    The larger question in these circumstances is was anyone else harmed in this situation? Sometimes those with phony credentials will go after someone they think might know about them.

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