Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 90: Haines/Williams Deny (Again)

I received this statement minutes ago:

For Immediate Release
September 13, 2013

Toronto Hydro Statement:

Toronto Hydro (“The Company”) is aware of Mr. Tom Adams’ continued criticism about the operations of The Company and President and CEO Anthony Haines.

“I regret that this continues to be an issue despite a rigorous review by the Board and the fact that Mr. Haines has apologized to the Board and City Council for any concerns that this matter has caused,” says David Williams, Chair of the Board, Toronto Hydro Corporation. “I have great confidence in Mr. Haines’ ability to lead the company as he has over the past 8 years.”

Mr. Haines adds, “I wish to reiterate that I have never deliberately misrepresented myself. I did complete the prerequisite program to gain my entrance into the Institute of Chartered Accountants articling program. My intention was not to mislead, and I apologize for the confusion.”

“Toronto Hydro is an important partner in a growing Toronto,” says His Worship, Mayor Ford. “Together we are focused on a number of major projects including the 2015 Pan Am/Para Pan Games, redevelopment of the Waterfront, and completing some of our city’s largest capital construction programs.”

Toronto Hydro is a regulated utility and as such all of its activities are subject to an extremely rigorous, detailed, principled and transparent process. Every aspect of the business, from the delivery rates ratepayers pay, to construction programs, and to every form of interaction with customers, is subject to oversight by the Ontario Energy Board. Ratepayers are fully engaged in these regulatory processes. The suggestion that there is some core inaccuracy or complacency of Toronto Hydro’s work is simply unsustainable given these safeguards, to say nothing of the employees’ commitment to excellence.

Post Script (September 15 9:20 AM) Here is the link to TH’s press release.


  1. Where did this “statement” “refute” the initial declaration “that he has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Lethbridge, which he claims to have attended from 1979 until 1984. ” even though he didn’t?

    Nicely “played” Toronto Hydro but the above “release” is just plain “crapola”!

    Isn’t this the same kind of BS that the Liberal Party releases every day now?????

  2. Hello Tom,

    This current Toronto Hydro management is run in this style, like a bunch of very very hungry cooks in a kitchen and all of them looking at the pot that all of these cooks put together so they can pig out, this process takes place day in day out for the last 10 to 15 years.

    Toronto Hydro is a farse operation and has been for some time and this Toronto Hydro doesn’t get turned around in the very near future the cancer will have fully taken over this Utility and its future .

    Keep up the great work , Tom

    And thank again for keeping the pressure on at the boys and girl at Toronto Hydro

  3. Let me guess: Printed on Sustainable Green 1/2-ply toilet paper, to complement the brown bureaucratese in their “statement”?

    Here’s what I see them attempting to advise you of: The new model of “governance” by P3 consensus for “Sustainable Development” dictates that criticism from “the peoples” is “unsustainable” [among other diktats of convenience, at the whim of the UN and recommended “model” legislation updates from the David Suzuki Foundation]

    I’d consider yourself duly forewarned that they didn’t want (or know how?) to spit this non-news out in “transparent” English, suspecting you might publicize it. Looks like they’re still uncertain about how to punish you, for your sin of breaking that particular rule du jour, so are hoping you’ll be so scared by receiving this threat they’ll never have to figure that out and do something further.

    And so, my advised response would likely be 1) “receive and file under G” after sealing tightly in a scent-free poop’n’scoop bag; or 2) return the appropriate directive of two words; or 3) demand written explanation as to a) which suggestion is being referred to; b) how, when and why a suggestion becomes unsustainable, or sustainable; and c) who makes decision (b) and on whose authority, in each case, for each possible suggestion they receive from anyone.

    The proof that’s in their linguistic pudding: Toronto Hydro is obviously as unsustainable as “Sustainable Development”, if that was the best closing line “clincher” for a “statement” they could come up with.

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  5. “I wish to reiterate that I have never deliberately misrepresented myself. I did complete the prerequisite program to gain my entrance into the Institute of Chartered Accountants articling program. My intention was not to mislead, and I apologize for the confusion.”

    Kind of says it all. That Haines has done it for 20 years should make everyone a believer but apparently the old Goebbels line–“tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth” failed him thanks to your investigative skills.

    Is the Mayor Ford quote meant to infer some kind of endorsement of Haines or just fill in for the garbage response? Ford says Toronto Hydro is important and I think all Torontians would agree.

    I just posted this about some recent billing advice from good old TH which proves they like to distort things! Guess it starts at the top. http://ep.probeinternational.org/2013/09/14/bright-ideas-from-toronto-hydro-discloses-they-failed-math/

  6. In the past Toronto Hydro Lawyer Paul Sommerville took great care to draft denials for Mr. Haines and Board Chair David Williams… in this latest statement… “My intention was not to mislead…” it appears Mr. Sommerville is trying to lay the foundation for Mr. Haines criminal defence of his perjury as the crown must prove intent. The Board must be held accountable for this whitewash.

    Congratulations Tom – you are closing the circle and exposing this corrupt network of Hydro “old Boys” riding the gravy train on our tax dollars – I suspect you will soon make the connection to link Anthony Haines and Tyler Hamilton. Time to clean house at Toronto Hydro…

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