Gas Busters Part 60: Chronology of Opposition to Oakville Generating Station

Oakville mayor, Rob Burton, provides this fascinating chronology of the opposition to the Oakville gas-fired generating station.

Points that Mayor Burton raises that have received too little attention to date are the reasons why the site of the retired Lakeview coal-fired generating station was not used to host required gas-fired replacement generation and the role of Ford Motor Company in the original TransCanada Energy plan to site a power plant in Oakville.

Post script April 30, 2014: The link to Mayor Burton’s time line is broken. I have asked the Mayor’s office for a link. The Ottawa Citizen published this chronology March 27, 2014 that contains some details specific to the Oakville saga, as well as details on the overall gas plant scandal.

Warren Kinsella posted a commentary on the Burton chronology. Kinsella’s bottom line is “And the ultimate responsibility for the gas plant mess, and the costs? It lies with bureaucrats. Not Dalton McGuinty, his staff, or his cabinet.” In this post, Kinsella failed to notice that the overwhelming portion of the cost of the Oakville power plant saga was caused by the relocation of the plant, not by its cancellation.