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  1. Hi Tom,

    The city of Toronto will need to do better then a whistle blowing hotline or policy its a here or there new move or policy under the circumstances at Toronto Hydro.

    The Mayors Office can only do clean Toronto Hydro and the OPP the salution here is that Toronto Hydro’s series E employees need to be fired including CEO Tony and all the no good and useless VP’s Toronto Hydro has sitting around on the 8th and 9th Floors at 14 Carlton Street.

    As per the new whistle blowing policy take it with a grain of salt it alone will be a waste of time.

    The cure or answer there is only two options in regards to Toronto Hydro:

    Fire all the executives and hire a new management and a CEO for less salaries then what these current clowns and no gooders are currrently making


    Sell the entire dam thing and get rid off this head ache once and for all and the city should be able to get 4 to 5 billion for this asset as it is .

    Thanks again Tom keep up the great job your doing

    Have a great weekend! Tom


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