Gas Busters Part 50: June 25th, Another Exciting Witness Line-up

Queen’s Park will be rockin’ out with another exciting witness line-up tomorrow at the gas scandal hearings.

First up will be Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner. For folks new to the gas scandal, Cavoukian’s June 5th report documented widespread document destruction by McGuinty’s top advisors. Hopefully, she’ll be able to update us on her investigation into my FOI appeal of Cabinet Office saying that McGuinty’s office kept no documents about the gas negotiations during the period January – October 2012 (the period all the financial commitments were contracted). Another hope is that she will comment on the testimony of McGuinty’s Chief of Staff, Chris Morley, who claimed in his June 18th appearance that his document destruction was not just legal but required by the law.

Next up, Mr. McGuinty is back for an encore performance. Watch for more reassurances that his management of the gas cancelations was as successful as his management of the green energy file. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about Mr. McGuinty’s relationship with Rob Prichard and how much public money McGuinty’s team was willing to spill in order to buy the following talking points for the July 2012 Estimates Committee appearance of Bentley.

Specifically to your question, we have announced an agreement between the Ontario Power Authority and Greenfield South Power to relocate the Mississauga gas plant. It will now be known, I suspect, in our conversations as the Lambton gas plant. The bottom-line cost of relocation is $180 million. That agreement was concluded on Monday. There hasn’t been a further discussion or decision about how it will be allocated, but that is the cost of doing what we committed to do back in September 2011, and what your party committed to do by press release exactly the same day, and what the third party, the NDP, committed to do as well.

The puck drops at 10:30 am for Ms. Cavoukian and 1 pm for Mr. McGuinty.


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  2. Was the Sussex Group rep sitting behind McGuinty giving him “key words” to recite that would allow him to waste more of our tax dollars with drivel and innuendoes that mean absolutely nothing????

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