Traffic Report: One Year Reviewed

One of piece of collateral damage caused by the DOS attack on this site last year, and the associated move off the disappointing hosting service ExpertHost to HostMonsters, was the loss of the site’s traffic stats database. A full year of data has now been accumulated.

Here is a page documenting audience numbers and main service providers accessing the site. A couple of observations: the number of page views was 95,642, traffic peaks focused on Gas Busters and Toronto Hydro’s many problems, more than half of the site visits are from returning readers, and the Ontario Energy Board’s server accessed my site 10 times per work day over the last year.

Audience overview and service provider

Here is a page documenting traffic sources and most popular search terms. Search traffic is most popular, with direct traffic and referral traffic each about half as important. The substantive search terms that are most popular relate to Toronto Hydro personnel issues.

Traffic sources and search terms

Here is a page documenting the most popular posts. Topic areas of interest to my readers include Toronto Hydro personnel and management issues, Newfoundland’s Muskrat Madness, stopping careless wind power development in Ontario, the Gas Busters series, and administrative law issues related to the Ontario Energy Board.

Page traffic


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  2. Interesting that the OEB is keeping track of your postings! Do they have someone assigned to keep up with your postings?

  3. Darnit, it seems — I’m in the minority AGAIN!

    Tom says, “much of the audience for this site appears to be paid to read it.”
    But here I am — reading all this for free!
    Just a poor victim of industrial wind energy facilities…

    Say– does anyone know how I can get my hands on some “fossil fuel money”???

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