Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 78: Podcasts of CFRB Interviews re. Haines

What follows are two podcasts of radio interviews on station CFRB1010 regarding Toronto Hydro’s CEO Anthony Haines and his phoney credentials.

The first clip is me being interviewed by host Jim Richards May 14. CFRB1010 gets credit for being the first major media outlet to report on Toronto Hydro’s CEO Anthony Haines repeatedly lying to the Ontario Energy Board about his credentials. On the other side of the ledger, CFRB1010 had a copy of a statement from Toronto Hydro threatening me with a legal action two hours before air time, but didn’t notify me. Instead, Jim Richards ambushed me with the threat while we were live on air.

The clip posted here is a raw edit with unrelated comments at the beginning, Richards starts my interview at 1:42, and the traffic/commercial break presented as dead air from 8:53-9:22.

Tom Adams RAW

The second clip is host John Tory interviewing Anthony Haines and Toronto Hydro’s chairman David Williams on May 15.

I have been interviewed by John Tory several times and had considered him to be a thoughtful person, so his glib treatment of this subject matter was for me surprising.

Tory starts the interview claiming that Toronto Hydro is “well run”. Apparently, Tory hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care that Toronto Hydro has by far the highest rates of any urban electricity distribution utility in Ontario. Tory goes on state that “somebody” made allegations against Haines. The only reference to me by name during the interview is from the Toronto Hydro representatives. Listeners who had not seen the Toronto Star and National Post coverage that day could only have been confused by Tory’s incomplete introduction.

Haines starts by trying to change the channel, talking about how he deserves an honor from Ryerson and how his 2005 resume he used to get his job at Toronto Hydro didn’t claim a B.Comm. Tory claims to have inspected the 2005 resume and declares it to be in order. In Part 72 of this series, posted on the 14th, I reported a statement from the University of Lethbridge proving that the claim from Haines contained in the 2005 resume that he attended Lethbridge starting in 1979 is another lie. Haines also presents himself as a victim of “a personal attack”.

Williams claims to have reviewed “the facts”, blames a “formatting” issue in OEB filings, and declares that Adams is “nonsensical” and “just not accurate”.

Tory concludes that the whole issue never was a worthy story in the first place.

CFRB Interview – AH DW – 2013-05-15