Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 76: Toronto Star Comments

There is an active discussion underway on the Toronto Star site regarding the story about the phoney credentials of Toronto Hydro’s CEO Anthony Haines.

I notice that one of the commenters has doubts about my motivations in researching and presenting the story, arguing that I have an “axe to grind”. Here is a note from a commenter obviously conversant in the wider scope of my work:

Manitoulin13 minutes ago
Review the history in Tom Adams website in relation to this article. There is more to this than just a CV though as important as it is to be forthright with your peers. As an energy consultant there is more to Tom Adams than just Toronto Hydro CEO’s.
The gas buster series and docs through FOI’s is unprecedented with the amount of work that would have gone into this Green Energy Act scandal that is affecting all Hydro rates for industry, business and the public. Kudos to Tom.


  1. Everyone should have an “axe to grind” with dishonesty.

    Thank you, Mr. Adams, for your skilled research and various efforts in the too-often ignored interests of lowly taxpayers and electricity consumers that share your principles. You have repeatedly demonstrated that you deserve my unwavering respect.

  2. I wonder if Mr. Haines was ever asked to comment in more detail about his education by a tribunal. He must have testified for Union Gas when he was a VP there. How far back are OEB transcripts available online ? If they don’t cover his whole career at regulated utilities, the transcripts should be available at the OEB library.

  3. Goodmorning Tom,

    I have been following all your reports for some time now and I have to thank you very much for all your time and very sound research in regards to all the major negatives that have been taking place at Toronto Hydro for many years.

    I cant imagine if the head of this Toronto Hydro organization is corrupted, it has to be that the rest of these current VP Executives and Department Managers seem clearly that all these Series E and Series C classed Employees are playing the same game with the current CEO of Toronto Hydro.

    As the saying is said, Any Fish after it dies smells from the head first, and that is a very scary fact a service like electricity/power is currently run by a few bunch of clown’s that their only concern is their own pocket and how much OMERS pension when they punch out and retire, and that’s the truth.

    Tom, Toronto Hydro needs to be Investigated by, the Ontario Ombudsman Mr André Marin, before Toronto Hydro will have any positive and right affect and major change through out this very messed up and mismanaged organization.

    Tom, and one more suggestion, if Mayor Rob Ford again wins his next term the City of Toronto’s Executive Committee should be looking into Private Partnerships in regards to Investments, Labour, and over all commitment in rebuilding the entire city’s power grid to modern standards and technology this suggestion is over 25 years behind and its a must get done before its too late!,

    Toronto Hydro needs real leaders and people who know what they are doing and talking about to make this happen, not possible with this current fold of players this current fold is only for their own pockets and retirement packages and how to hang their NBA Diploma on their Office walls at 14 Carlton Street, Toronto Hydro HQ’s

    Keep up the Great Work, Tom!

    There is all ready public pressure on Toronto Hydro, and in just a matter of time there will be Political Pressure and when that Political Pressure starts then we all we see major change and fast change at Toronto Hydro Corp.

    My Best Regards,

  4. Some people find it so hard to believe that someone’s trying to do the public a service that they assume there’s an axe to grind.


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