Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 69: Governance Changes at Toronto Hydro

As of yesterday, Toronto Hydro’s corporate site is reporting the new chair of the board of directors as David Williams. Mr. Williams rejoined the board March 31, 2010 after being on the Toronto Hydro board in the pre-Haines days from June 23, 1999 to August 1, 2005.

The appointment of Mr. Williams appears to have been recent. City Council has been in the process of updating the shareholder direction to Toronto Hydro. Council held an in camera session on the updated shareholder direction yesterday. Here is the agenda.

For a public securities issuer, Toronto Hydro’s reporting of its management team smells a bit weird. Check out this page of the Toronto Hydro corporate site and notice that the bios for the people who are supposed to fill the positions of CEO, VP HR, and VP Grid Management are 404.

Post Script (May 8 12:46): www.torontohydro.com now has bio summaries up for the CEO, VP HR, and VP Grid Management.