Gas Busters Part 43: FOI Appeal Proceeding to Adjudication

Following up on Gas Busters Part 42, I have been unable to obtain satisfactory responses to the following questions:

What is the legality of top Premier’s Office officials — Chief of Staff Chris Morley, Principal Secretary Jamison Steeve, and Deputy Policy Director Sean Mullin — destroying government documents, as acknowledged by Cabinet Office in correspondence?

Cabinet Office has acknowledged in correspondence with the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s office pursuant to my appeal that the emails in question are archived in their Enterprise email system but has refused access to those emails. Where in the law are the Enterprise email archives exempt from FIPPA?

How many records responsive to my original 12/53 request were withheld? What is the nature of the documents withheld?

Today I requested that the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s office elevate my appeal from mediation to adjudication.

Post Script April 6:42 am: The original version of this post incorrectly identified the Chief of Staff as David Livingston.