Financial Support Appeal for Wind Power Investigation

I need financial help to pursue my investigation of the Ontario government’s order to the Ontario Power Authority to find ways to slow the wind development juggernaut the government itself unleashed with its careless programs and subsidies.

As presented in my report originally published in the National Post “Cold feet on Ontario’s green energy mania”, the Ontario Liberals have started throttling back their green-at-any-cost energy vision.

As presented in my report “FOI Reveals Ontario Gov’t Reviewing Options to Downsize Wind Development”, my research has confirmed that the Ontario government is seeking options to mitigate its expanding wind power commitments.

Attached is a letter from the Ontario Power Authority demanding payment of $362.50 before it will release further documents to me in response to my inquiry focused on the government’s wind power downsizing initiative. As explained in the letter, I have a deadline of May 30 to make the necessary payment to keep this FOI alive.

OPA Letter Demanding Payment for FOI, April 30, 2013

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