Gas Busters Part 31: Wynne’s Phoney Disclosure Wild Goose Chase (cont’d)

On Saturday, the Toronto Sun carried an editorial “Premier Wynne’’s candour needs work”. This editorial states “Wynne recently instructed all government departments to release documents relating to the cancellation of two power plants costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.” It appears that the newspaper relied upon Wynne’s press statement of Thursday morning. As discussed in Gas Busters Part 30, the problem is that Wynne’s press statement was part of a tactical ruse to dodge the Justice Committee inquiry into the gas plant documents. What Wynne is doing is saying “disclosure” while continuing the cover-up.

We know from several statements contained in the Gas Busters archive of documents released so far that a key component of McGuinty’s gas plant scandal containment strategy is to muddy the waters and keep folks confused.

Like McGuinty, like Wynne.

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