WTO vs. McGuinty

The WTO has come down against McGuinty’s protectionism. Here and here are news reports.

Ontario’s economy is one of the most trade oriented in the world. Of course McGuinty wasn’t trying to wreck the Ontario economy with his Green Energy Act, but if he was, protectionism would be one of most effective wrecking devices available. McGuinty’s protectionism damages not just Ontario, but Canada. The federal government should not defend the indefensible.

The feds got dragged in a similar defence of the indefensible paying off Abitibi when that demagogue Danny Williams confiscated their property in Newfoundland. You’d think the Harper’s team would learn to stay out of the power biz, but they are about to guarantee the debt to a Labrador project that is going to horribly inflame already acid relations between PQ and NL.
The gang green lobbyists are out in force decrying the WTO ruling as anti-democratic and anti-environment — as if McGuinty’s power grabs and his bird grinders are so democratic and environmental.┬áThe real complaint of the gang greenies is that they don’t call the shots at the WTO.
Post Script: I have a brief comment on the United Steelworkers union and other unions endorsing the Green Energy Act here.

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  1. Tom,

    This is a very interesting post. What are the implication for the Muskrat Falls project. The government of Newfoundland has been very clear that the Island Ratepayers will be paying for the entire project. Surplus energy will be sold into the US market via the maritime link.

    The taxpayer of the province (rate payer and tax payer being 1 and the same) are effectively subsidizing the export of energy into the US.

    In a similar vain would this be against WTO or FERC requlations.

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