Gas Busters Part #19: Ontario Electricity “Moratorium Now” Picks up Momentum

In a panic that their gravy train is slowing, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Alliance is generating press releases and lobby campaigns full tilt. The last release of FIT contracts was made by the Ontario government in July of 2011. Since then, no champagne. With the government’s energy file about to bring the government down, OSEA is sounding the alarm to green carpet baggers everywhere.

Here is another report on the Moratorium Now gaining ground.


  1. OSEA are concerned that Ontario will lose our first mover status. I always thought that was Denmark and the big news is that Vestas has announced another 3,000 jobs are going. Ontario was first in Canada but 20 years or more behind the Danes and it appears the rush is over based on all the bad news coming from that country. This is but one of the pieces of bad news: What do these guys at OSEA drink?

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