Clean-up to Improve User Experience

The lower right hand side of your screen provides a listing of subject area categories. I have been cleaning up this functionality to help users interested in the following subject series:

  • Gas Busters (the McGuinty government’s secret documents on the Oakville and Mississauga power plant cancellations)
  • Muskrat Falls (the government of Newfoundland’s uneconomic hydro-electric megaproject in Labrador)
  • Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report (analyzing the ongoing Toronto Hydro vs. Ontario Energy Board conflict)
  • Ontario Electricity System Operational Update (documenting Ontario’s next green blackout and discussing ideas on how to prevent it)
  • Renewable Energy vs. Responsible Aboriginal Government (reporting on the corrosive impact of green energy subsidies on aboriginal communities in Ontario)

Much of the content on this web site addresses how environmental protection justifications are being used as power grabs to roll back individual rights, to seize property, and to promote economical harmful energy initiatives.