Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 54: Outages are Assets at Tony’s Hydro

If you have independent information on Toronto Hydro’s preparedness for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, please contact me.

I have received reports indicating the following:

– the utility only deployed its regular complement of 6 standby crews in last night, spread across the utility’s three yards
– no additional repair crews were deployed
– extra staff were called to be on home standby but not called in to work
– field staff were told to concentrate on isolating safety problems developing over night and not undertake repairs

Until this information is confirmed, it should be treated as anecdotal.

Post script: As of 3:58 pm I received an independent confirmation of points #1 and #2 above. This source was not able to confirm points #3 and #4. Apparently CP24 reported that Toronto Hydro had 80 crews standing by, instead of their usual 16. Both statements appear to be incorrect.