Gas Busters Part 10: Sun News Connects the Dots on Electricity Moratorium Now

A report today from Rebecca Thompson at Sun News connects the dots on Ontario’s electricity crisis. Here is the Sun report.

For those new to Ontario’s electricity crisis, here is the problem and the solution in 100 words:

Just before the last election, McGuinty moved two urban gas plants at huge public expense to save his electoral skin. The government tried to cover up the costs. As the cover-up unravelled, the Legislature passed a contempt motion against Energy Minister Bentley. Immediately after the contempt motion passed, McGuinty prorogued the house and resigned. A few days later the finance and energy ministers both resigned although both were once top contenders to replace McGuinty. Meanwhile, uncontrolled spending on electricity infrastructure is driving Ontario’s rates to #1 by 2013 and then higher. Consumers need a moratorium now. Stop, think, then act.


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