Gas Busters Part 8 – Searchable Documents Available — Ontario Ministry of Energy Oakville

We now have the first of many searchable documents posted under the new “Gas Busters Doc Search” tab in the upper right hand corner of your screen. The first document comes from the Ontario Ministry of Energy and it relates to the TransCanada Energy facility once committed for Oakville. Enjoy and share your findings. Apologies for the delays in getting the material posted.

If you would like to see all the posts on news section of this site that relate just to the McGuinty government’s decision to move gas-fired power plants, press the “Gas Busters” button under CATEGORIES on the right hand side of your screen and down about one page. Included there are posts that pre-date the introduction of the “Gas Busters” title but that are directly related to the subject.


  1. Hello Tom, I cut and pasted the documents into a single word file for each set – listing a table of content to identify which of the 31 parts of the “SWGTA_Privileged” file, and the 4 parts of the “Energy-Oakville” file (the 2nd and 4th parts were particularly messy in the text files I worked from)
    SWGTA_Privileged is 10.8 MB (just download it and try to skip letting google docs view it), while the Energy Oakville file is only .4 MB.
    Happy hunting

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