Gas Busters Part 7 – Original Image-only Doc Access and Update

Attached are three of the four remainding image-only PFD files produced by the McGuinty government on September 24 in response to the order of the Speaker of the Ontario Legislature. The files provided here all originated with the Ontario Power Authority. These files supplement the collection included in Gas Busters Parts 2 and 3, all of which originated within the Ministry of Energy. We are still working on getting the final original image-only PDF file of the September 24 document dump, which is from the OPA, loaded. That file and most of the searchable versions should be loaded tonight.

The underlying technology behind this website is being taxed by the large file sizes in the McGuinty document snow storm. We are planning a service upgrade this Saturday night that might temporarily affect service but once completed should improve the speed of service to users. In addition, we are in the process of incorporating a much more advanced server system for the Gas Busters files. Please consider donating to support our efforts to make these documents available for public review.

If you have access to e-discovery services that we can use to further process these files, please feel free to contact us.
After unzipping, the size of the following files will be approximate 15 MB, 208 MB, and 452 MB respectively. To give you a sense of scale, GreenfieldSouth1 is 6,191 pages.