Gas Busters: Part 1

Secrecy. Cover-up. Abuse of public trust.

This new series is for all those seeking to uncover the truth of what happened when the Ontario government decided to relocate two gas-fired power plants originally contracted in Mississauga and Oakville and the consequences of those actions.

Ontario’s democracy and its citizens’ pocketbooks are at stake. Now you can fight back.

This series is a crowd sourcing platform to analyze the Ontario government’s decisions to relocate the plants and to reveal the implications.

Contribute your ideas, skills, and financial support.  You can donate directly by contacting me. As soon as we can add this functionality, you will be able to donate on-line through PayPal. The financial accounts behind this series will be posted to this site in as close to real time as we can achieve. Donation amounts will be noted but names will be absent unless authorized by the donor.

We don’t have much time if our research is to aid our MPPs. The PC’s have reported that “The McGuinty Liberals have until October 25 to start the investigation, but are able to begin the proceedings earlier. The Committee must report back to the Legislature by November 19.”

As this series evolves, we may need to move it to a new web site, but for now who-ya-gonna-call?

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