Nine Tentacles of Florida Power and Light’s Wind Interests in Ontario

The wind power industry in Ontario is dominated by opportunist firms hoping to exploit the rich subsidies that the Ontario government is forcing consumers to provide to developers. Many of these developers are based off-shore and/or have demonstrated no enduring interest in Ontario’s electricity sector until the green subsidies started flowing.

Florida Power and Light (FPL) is a key player.  Because FPL operates under various names, the corporate connections for its network of developments may not be immediately evident. Here is a list of nine wind-related projects in Ontario operated by FPL. Please add to this list.

Upper Canada Transmission

Kerwood Wind

Summerhaven Wind LP project and transmission

Conestoga Wind

Bluewater Wind

Borish Wind

East Durham Wind

Goshen Wind

Jericho Wind

Post Script: Here is some subsequent news coverage of the issue of foreign investment in Ontario green energy projects from the London Free Press, June 20, 2012.







  1. I think Kerwood is more frequently called Adelaide.
    616,500MW of FIT contracts, to a company with a VP who recently opined “Wind farms don’t make economic sense in Florida because the wind is too weak, and it’s cheaper to produce electricity from natural gas, nuclear power and coal.”

    “We can deliver electricity in a windy spot in the center of the country for 3 cents a kilowatt hour…In Florida, we think that is anywhere from 8 to 12 cents…” –
    Bad at 8 in Florida – good here at 13.5.

  2. Wind Development in Germany and across Europe is coming to a screeching halt due to the financial meltdown across the continent!
    In view of this reality why is Ontario following the failed experiment in Wind Development here?

  3. Not to worry, as Dalton is providing $500,000 over two years for a new Clean Energy Institute at MaRS. Apparently, the clean energy sector is going to be the economic salvation of Ontario:

    “In a speech, Bentley said there are “huge opportunities” for Ontario in figuring out how to store electricity. It’s an issue within the province as it seeks to integrate renewable power sources that sometime produce electricity when demand is low.”–energy-minister-hedges-on-new-nuclear-plant

    • You seem to think a bit like me, Lynne.

      I don’t understand why all politicians want to figure out how to store electricity generation excesses rather than to simply quit creating them by dumping all renewables – or at the very least, insisting renewables be built with an “Off” switch with system operator convenient remote access, whenever their generation isn’t needed. Do you?

      Check out my IWT design that incorporates that very unique feature, although the power “feed” systems do align with those incorporated by the “green energy” project Northland Power has proposed for my village, called “pumped storage”. My IWT design is more bat, bird and neighbour-friendly, too:

      If you prefer my option, please pass ‘er along to all those Conservatives who apparently haven’t thought of a remotely-controlled “Off” switch for renewables yet? 😉

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