Please Excuse the Messy Renovations

This site is in the process of being upgraded to new infrastructure for better performance, better future functionality, and much better security. (Hopefully also a better hosting service.)

The URL line for the site shows that the transfer is only partially complete. The original “” URL should be reassigned soon. Until this site has the URL “”, bookmarks that relate to this IP address may prove unreliable.

Every effort was made in the transfer to this new site to preserved the structure of the original content. Where rewriting was required, the previous content was preserved as faithfully to the original as possible. Some of that rewriting is not yet complete. If you notice anything missing or broken, please send me a note. The structures of posting URLs for this new site have been upgraded to improve future searchability. Unfortunately, there may be some impact on users who have bookmarks to content on the old site.

We are doing everything possible to get the site fully functional again. We should have the forced and planned outages and service problems of the last month behind us by May 10th at the latest.

Apologies to any impacted users.


Post script as of May 17: still working on getting the contact form working, should be in-service by the weekend