Nalcor’s Deregulated Monopoly Model for Muskrat Falls

Attached are the presentation slides of David Vardy to the Rotary Club of St. John’s, Newfoundland from March 22, 2012.

Mr. Vardy has been a leading independent analysis of the Muskrat Falls project proposal. He has held a variety of senior positions at the Deputy Minister level in the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, including President of the Marine Institute, Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Newfoundland Public Utilities Commission, and Clerk of the Executive Council, the most senior Deputy Minister position in the Province. Government agents have a track record of responding to Mr. Vardy’s analysis with ad hominem and strawman attacks.

See pdf: Vardy Presentation to Rotary March 22 2012


  1. I hope men like Mr. Vardy can keep this subject in the spotlight and under scrutiny until the general public wakes up and puts a stop to this runaway train called Muskrat Falls Hydro. I think the conservatives are building a monument to their arrogance.

  2. It is quite understandable that Dunderdale is charging ahead with this run away train about to be tax wreck for N/Labradoreans. She needs a visibly commendable excuse to stop the DAM thing. After all Lord Danny ordained it and then left her holding the hype. Still the big question; Why did he leave? This was not a done deal, far from it. Government people have been muzzeled, the environmental panel did not do its work, and the PUB was given little to no new information. Rate payers and tax payers will be on the hook for years to come if the citizens on the ground can’t stop this.

  3. there were 7.5 million shares of emera stock purchased on Dec. 17th/2010 (for a total of…you guesses it 250 million). that’s two weeks almost to the day after williams left office.

    emera is being given a shot at private water via the abitibi expropriation and harpers nafta payout which may have privatized canadian water according to the council of canadians (

    emera has a stake ( of algonquin utilities which owns rattle brook (

    rattle brook falls under the same legislation as star lake ( which williams expropriated illegally when he took the rest of abitibi’s assets on the island. coincidence? better think again.

    read this if you want a better picture of what they have in mind outside the borders of our province.

    don’t forget that gwynn morgan of snc lavalin is in the middle of this as well. lavalin wrote the scoping study for emera on the line through NS to the States, is holding back the details of the line from Muskrat to the Island and is the BIGGEST PRIVATE TRANSMISSION LINE owner in Alberta.

    Get the picture?

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