Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 40: Pep Rally and Law Suit Against OEB at Tony’s Hydro (formerly Toronto Hydro)

Rogue CEO Anthony Haines announced to some of the utility’s staff today that the utility was suing the Ontario Energy Board. If anyone has the statement of claim, please post it here.

Apprentices were in a meeting today with Haines about the future. He told them he was pursuing the suit for them. During the meeting he would say…and why am I suing them? The apprentices were then supposed to yell…for us!

Management also indicated that employees talking to the media could be fired for doing so.

Post script: As of March 19 at 3:21 pm, the OEB has confirmed that it has yet to receive any statement of claim from Toronto Hydro.



  1. And I suppose the costs of the lawsuit will be passed onto the Toronto Hydro Consumers? Must be nice to have an “unlimited” war chest to choose from. Sounds like the Wind Energy proponents who will probably sue Ontario if the FIT program is cancelled by McGuinty.

    We are on the brink of seeing a move from the Citizens of Ontario who have been harmed by the Green Energy Act that will make these lawsuits look awfully petty in retrospect. The legal system works both ways!

  2. Yes this true. I work for company. Many inside are amazed Haines and his direct reports especially Ivanhoe as we call him has not lost his job.

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