The Shocking Truth (Financial Post column)

Here is a column from the Financial Post section of the National Post for the March 1st print edition. The column addresses Ontario’s electricity price trend in comparison with the US. The column advances one of the arguments presented in this previous post. If you compare them, you can see roughness in the drafting of the previous version.


  1. “Ontario is in the midst of a policy-created power crisis of profound significance to the future of the provincial economy.”

    Excellent article, Tom. The quoted comment above hits dangerously close to the heart of the matter, for sure. Don’t stop there or now – wallop that target with all your own, big heart.

  2. Has the McGuinty government published any information as to what the maximum rates (relative to the rest of North America) consumers are expected to pay ?

    I understand that with the Green Energy Act, rates (just and reasonable or otherwise) are a secondary consideration. What I am wondering is whether or not McGuinty anticipated that Ontario would become the highest cost electricity jurisdiction under his policies, or whether he didn’t know and didn’t care.

  3. Good question. Furious George Smitherman erroniously claimed that everyone could largely mitigate cost increases by conserving. He forgot that ~ 90% of costs are fixed, etc.

    I’m working on an all-in price increase forecast out to the end of 2016. It’s going to be ugly.

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