Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 31: New Model of Service Vehicle for Tony’s Hydro (formerly Toronto Hydro) Now Available

Shockingly, as previously discussed on this website, Tony’s Hydro has suffered so much due to the visionless parsimony imposed by the Ontario Energy Board that the utility has been unable to afford an updated service vehicle for Canada’s highest paid municipal employee, CEO Anthony Haines. The Mercedes-Benz S550 V4 that Tony has been struggling with is only a 2009 model, which as the utility has explained, he needs for work.

Now the stars seem aligned for the utility to solve this critical infrastructure deficiency.

Mercedes-Benz is coming out with an updated 2012 model just as the utility is about to file a revised application to increase the rates for Toronto consumers. The new model has two must-have driver assistance options. “Active Blind Spot Assist” alerts to driver to any fresh postings on blocked web sites. “Active Lane Keeping” should help keep Tony out of the ditch while maneuvering around useless, vision-killing red tape such as regulatory requirements to have sensible, predictable capital and labour planning.


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  1. It’s time for refunds
    and credits when there are power outages. We’ve had two that infringed on the
    so-called ‘off-peak’ period. That robbed us of the ability to use this time for
    essential activities around the house. And why are we paying these high rates to
    subsidize Toronto’s ‘green initiatives’ with such things as coupons for
    discounts on clotheslines, power cables, bulbs, cold water detergent. Then
    there’s the software app they want you to use to monitor your daily use online
    and the promotional material mailed several times to customers going on to
    time-of-use metering. How much money was spent on that? My usage costs are below
    the ‘add-ons’ on the bill. Then, on top of it is HST.

    Toronto Hydro Corp. Has Lost All The Trust From Their Customers (what a shame)

    Toronto Hydro Corp, Needs to Fire All The Current VP’s and CEO, and look into cutting at least 25% of the current CUPE Local One Clowns! and the New Toronto Hydro Corp, will need to start farming out work to Private Contractors do get the job done right and at a lower cost

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