Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 25: Tony’s Hydro (Formerly Toronto Hydro) Files Appeal

Here it is: THESL_Notice_ of_ Motion_20120125

Notice the involvement of Navigant Consulting described here as an independent third party. Here is thoughtful commentary on Navigant’s independence.

The Board’s newly revised rules for expert evidence might come in handy.



  1. Re: the OEB’s explicit, “new” rules requiring expert witnesses “to assist the Board impartially by giving evidence that is fair and objective”, I actually snorted when I read the copy of it circulated in our office.

    Doing work this way is just the way our company “rolls”. We periodically turn down work from parties with what we view as inappropriate motives; we’ll also go so far as to jeopardize work with existing clients, by refusing to buttress unreasonable arguments.

    I think it’s somewhat naive of the OEB to think that their edict will result in a material decrease in the amount of self-serving expert testimony. Will it make expert witnesses think twice ? I’m doubtful.

    The other question I’d ask is “Would the OEB ever criticize an expert witness for not meeting this standard during a proceeding for a thir party, even if the OEB has an old-fashioned pneumatic money tube running between their office and the expert witness’s office ?” Just asking.

  2. I have little doubt that Navigant is expert.
    I read their thorough, templated, reports for the OEB which set the retail pricing plans.
    Given the huge proportion of electricity that is purchased in advance, by the OPA now, I’ve wondered what would be required for a consultant to screw that process up. I suggest the RPP docs are an example of an independent government agency paying for scapegoat insurance, and nothing else.
    I’d suggest Navigant is expert at providing scapegoat insurance.

  3. And the design work for the Global Adjustment Mechanism came from Navigant. I still struggle with the use of the word “Global” but if it was meant to disorient and confuse ratepayers it was a brilliant ploy!

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