Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 12: Open Letter to Electrical Distributors Association Directors

As directors (listed below) of the EDA, you are all directly associated with the following inaccurate and fear-mongering public statement headlining a recent EDA press release:
“Ontario’s electricity distributors are concerned that a recent ruling by the Ontario Energy
Board (OEB) in which it refused to consider Toronto Hydro’s electricity rate application could affect all Ontario utilities’ ability to make much-needed repairs to the electricity system. Delaying repairs could lead to longer and more frequent power outages for customers across the province.”
In light of the OEB’s letter to Toronto Hydro which directly contradicts your careless claims
and also in light the conflict arising from the EDA speaking on behalf of one of its key members but against the interests of consumers, the EDA must promptly and publicly reverse its course. You continue to associate yourselves with Toronto Hydro’s premeditated attack on the OEB at risk to your own utilities.
The incentive regulation mechanism the EDA now attacks was an approach to regulation the EDA recently endorsed.


Jim Keech, Kingston Hydro Corp.

Vice Chair

Max Cananzi, Horizon Utilities Corp

LDC 1 Director

Wayne Smith, Hydro One Networks Inc.

LDC 2 Director

Anthony Haines, Toronto Hydro Corporation

LDC 3 Directors

Brian Bentz, PowerStream Inc.
Vinay Sharma, London Hydro Inc.
Max Cananzi, Horizon Utilities Corp.

LDC 4 Directors

Rene Gatien, Waterloo North Hydro Inc.
Brian Wilkie, Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

LDC 5 Director

Jim Huntingdon, Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro Inc.

Georgian Bay District

Ruth Tyrrell, Orangeville Hydro Ltd.

Niagara Grand District

Jac Vanderbaan, Festival Hydro Inc.

Northeastern District

Todd Wilcox, North Bay Hydro Distribution

Northwestern District

Robert Mace, Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.

Upper Canada District

Jim Keech, Kingston Hydro

Western District

Brian Hollywood, St. Thomas Energy Inc.

Past Chair

Brian Bentz, PowerStream Inc.

President and CEO

C.C. (Charlie) Macaluso, Electricity Distributors Association

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  1. Mr. Haines had this to say in the John Spears article in the Star yesterday: “I do not agree… that we are comparable to Sarnia Hydro when comparing our costs of organizations against theirs,” he said.” Does he not know that Sarnia is served by Bluewater Power (there is no “Sarnia Hydro”) and has 35,688 customers (year-end 2010) whereas the Chair of the EDA (Kingston Hydro)has only 26,944 customers, yet he supported Haines. Its a good thing Haines didn’t compare Toronto Hydro to Kingston Hydro or the Chair, Jim Keech, may not have jumped to his support so quickly! In respect to operations management and administration costs (OMA) however Bluewater is closer to Toronto Hydro with OMA at $287.00 per customer versus Toronto Hydro at $300.00 and Kingston Hydro at $223.00. Maybe Haines should do his research before he compares Toronto Hydro to Chicago or LA or castigates other smaller cities in Ontario.

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