Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part 11: Request for Information from Toronto Hydro Staff

Bullying is a character trait.

Here is one comment received:

Anthony Haines treats his employees the same way he treats everyone else, like crap. He has his management team take on his bullying attitude and to hell with what anyone thinks. I have worked for Hydro for close to 20 years and never has the relationship between management and the union been so bad. I am a (technical position) and the truth is, the system is a mess, but not just due to age. Truth be told, all the contractors Hydro had working on the plant were because Anthony thought that would justify the OEB increase.

Are there folks with inside knowledge who might offer a contradictory view to my own that Toronto Hydro’s senior management deliberately engineered this crisis? What has been the role of CUPE Local One through these events? Please tell us what is going on.
Toronto Hydro staff are invited to send information publicly in response to this posting or privately using the response form for this site.