Ontario’s Electricity Regulation Crisis Report ““ Part Nine: Request for Information from Contractors Fired by Toronto Hydro

As I have been reporting since Part Six of this series, the OEB chair publicly dressed down Toronto Hydro yesterday for lying to the public over available capital funds and for making drastic, damaging staff cuts without availing itself of remedies the regulator has provided. One implication of the OEB’s letter is that the mass of law suits now heading in the direction of Toronto Hydro from jilted contractors are very likely to lead to significant financial damages paid by Toronto Hydro.

I am calling out to contractors who have been affected by these developments to contact me publicly in response to this posting, or privately using the response form for this site, or the email address I have provided on the business cards I have circulate to several contractor crews still working for Toronto Hydro.  Please tell us what you have been told and what impact it is having on you and your colleagues.

Tell us about the equipment your company just bought to complete work for Toronto Hydro. Tell us about Toronto Hydro refusing to release line crews from non-critical work when they were asked to help out with emergency restoration work on the east coast. Tell us where you and other skill workers are moving to. Tell us what it will take to bring you back.