Podcasts for October 19, 2011 Radio Appearances

Here is a podcast for my appearance on 570 News in Kitchener on the Jeff Allan Show.

Here is a link for a podcast for my appearance on the CFRB Newtalk 1010 Jerry Agar Show. My appearance starts about 14:20 from the end of the show. In the show I address background for the rate increase announced earlier this week with attention to the factors driving bills up, the factors driving power rates down in the U.S., the prospect for electricity rates rising by around 10% per year for the next several years, rate impacts of the Green Energy Act including indirect impacts that are difficult for the public to detect, cost shifting from industrial consumers to small volume consumers enabled by the Green Energy Act, the problem for consumers of intermittent wind and solar generation, what it will take to make smart meters work best for consumers, and the reason why the Samsung deal is not driving up yet but will in the future.