Review of WTO Subsidy Law Applied to Feed-In Tariffs

The attached review, conducted by Marie Wilke and published by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, addresses the application of WTO law to Feed-In Tariff (FIT) programs, specifically arguments that might address whether the trade protectionism elements of Ontario’s FIT program could be illegal.

The WTO announced earlier this week that

Ms. Wilke is a lawyer specializing in international trade and investment.




  1. Tom

    US Trade Office is backing down its earlier rhetoric of co-complainant with Japan to avoid being caught under similar WTO provisions as the US government and States offer “Buy American” programs and subsidies – many that pre-date the Ontario FIT program. Japan’s Keiretsu corporate structure makes it essentially impossible for foreign companies to compete “in Japan”. The WTO dispute will take several years to unwind. And by the time the issue is assessed the FIT domestic content rules will likely not be required as it is today. Without domestic content rules the second part of the GEA – “The Gren Energy and Green Economy Act” – would not be achieved. If we are goinf to subsize Renewable Energy through electricity rates we should at least ensure that domestic jobs, economic multiplier effect and related income taxes benefit Ontarians.

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