Ontario Government Refuses Request for Information on Solar Fraud

Here is an investigation from Tom Spears at the Ottawa Citizen into what the Ontario government is doing to protect consumers from solar fraud. The government refuses to explain the measures it is taking, claiming that the government’s financial interests would be harmed by any disclosure.

Post Script: In case the link fails, the article title is “A shocking lack of transparency” by Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen, Published:¬†Friday, July 15, 2011


  1. The OPA does site assessments to make sure a solar PV system is installed before finalizing the contract. This is extreme paranoia on your part to suggest that people are getting away with scamming the FIT program like this.

  2. Buy one set of panels and other equipment. Install the panels, wire it up, have your site assessment done, disassemble. Monitor solar radiation and return appropriate amount of power to the system. Repeat.

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