Steve Paikin Interviews Ontario Energy Minister Duguid – December 2, 2010

Watch Paikin’s brilliant interview with Duguid here.

Here is one question I would have liked to see Steve ask:

Minister, your plan claims that in five years industry will be paying 26% more and households 46% more after taking into account several programs to transfer green energy costs away from large industry and several other programs to transfer green energy costs away from Ontario families. What about the medium sized business customers?  What should the business and institutional customers in the middle be expecting?


  1. The Minister should also be embarrassed at not being able to provide even a ballpark response to Paikin’s question on the current price of electricity.

  2. He could have been way tougher with him.

    What a joke – he “doesn’t have the figures”

    the Big ones get 60 cents per KW/H

    If the ROI was there, these Micro-Fit people would just do it themselves.

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