CBC Radio Appearances: New Brunswick, Northern Ontario, National

I discussed the future prospects for electricity from Labrador with CBC radio stations on Information Morning in Fredericton, New Brunswick this morning at about 7:15, November 18, 2010. Key points:  Premier Williams is recycling an old proposal at a particular inopportune moment. Natural gas prices are way down. Nobody needs expensive, long lead-time power these days. The hallucination of the “lucrative New England market” has got the policy makers in Atlantic Canada terribly confused. New England is now a big supplier of electricity to the Maritimes. The only way to get Labrador power out of Newfoundland to the Maritimes would be by way of federal subsidies, which might well give rise to trade conflicts with power producers in New England trying to eke out a living. The only hope for Labrador power, albeit faint, is for Newfoundland and Quebec to bury the hatchet. The Maritimes should concentrate on interprovincial cooperation and solving electricity problems locally.

I discussed the history of electricity pricing in Ontario with Morning North on CBC radio in Ontario at 7:10 Eastern, also on November 18. A podcast is here. In the first half of the 8 minute interview, I was stumbling and unclear, but the second half makes more sense.

I debated the national record and outlook for wind power with a representative of the wind industry on the national program The Current on Tuesday November 23rd. A podcast is here.

I discussed the implications of the Economic Statement for electricity consumers on CBC Radio in Thunderbay on Friday November 19 at 8:10 am Eastern. Also on CBC Thunderbay, I discussed the Ontario government’s decision to attempt to convert the Thunderbay coal-fired generating station to gas and biomass on the evening of November 23rd.