Upcoming TV Appearance: CFTO News re. Ontario Nuclear Delay

Bruce Power announced today a delay in returning two reactors to service. The reactors are currently undergoing a refurbishment of their respective reactor cores. Until today, the reactors were to be in service in mid to late 2011. The new dates have been pushed into 2012. Consumers will benefit in the short term as the delay will reduce the amount of power bottled in the Bruce peninsula region of Southwestern Ontario due to inadequate transmission serving the region and the general amount of surplus power in Ontario. The Ontario government has committed Ontario consumers to pay Bruce for all power the new reactors can produce, whether the power can be consumed in Ontario, or even delivered to the grid, or not.  The refurbishment contract with Bruce also contains provisions for damages to be paid by Bruce for delays in completing the return to service.

The problems with reactor refurbishment at Bruce, in Ontario and Point Lepreau, in New Brunswick highlight the risks of the Ontario government’s recently announced decision to refurbish the Darlington reactors starting in 2016.


  1. Are you the only source of information on the web now?

    I recalled that if Bruce didn’t get online in 2011 they would only get market rates – but …
    the transmission capacity wasn’t going to be there for the additional units on time either.

    Is everybody relieved by this?

  2. I still didn’t see any word on a further delay – but I did see this today:



    I also reviewed some articles from almost a year ago to refresh my mind on the penalty. My understanding is that Bruce will only receive market prices on output from Bruce A from Jan 1, 2012, until units 1 and 2 are in service.

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