Ontario Power Authority Accused of Breaking Law

Parker Gallant, a retired banker who has become a leading Ontario electricity sector financial analyst and commentator, has launched another broadside at Ontario’s power system status quo, this time challenging the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

Gallant has filed notice with the Ontario Energy Board, objecting to an application from the OPA. In its application, the OPA seeks an order from the OEB relieving the OPA from the requirement to file an updated forward-looking power system plan for the province.

“On August 30, 2010, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) flagrantly and without notice, much less explanation, breached Ontario law and the OEB license under which the OPA operates when it failed to update its Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP)…The institutional structure of Ontario’s electricity sector revolves around central planning. This central planning based system is operating without a plan, a deficiency that greatly increases financial risks to ratepayers and may well imperil Ontario’s power system reliability impacting the creation of jobs and the ability of the Province to maintain it’s obligations to the ratepayers and taxpayers.”

In a highly unusual move, perhaps precedent setting, Gallant has issued notice that he intends to pursue evidence from the Ontario Energy Board itself to explain the steps the Board has taken to enforce its license for the OPA.


  1. A rather naive question here: If the OPA is operating now “illegally” then what is stopping US, the customers of electricity generation from refusing to pay at least the “debt reduction” portion of the monthly Hydro Bill which every single customer considers an “illegal” charge!

    Time for the Citizens of Ontario to take back some “semblance” of control over their hard earned dollars instead of propping up an “illegal” Agency?

  2. I don’t think that’s the issue Quixote.
    Our contract is with the distribution company (in my case Hydro One), which gets it charges from the OEB.

    But … what would be the status of the FIT and microFIT contracts if they had been agreed to by a law-breaking organization negligent in its prime roll.

  3. Thanks for that……gets a bit “confusing” somewhat like trying to understand our actual bill from Hydro One. Even the office workers at Hydro One don’t know how to answer questions when asked to explain the huge increases.

    “Inventive Accounting” should be a new course at all Financial Schools!

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