Comment on NB Energy Politics: “Energy rate can’t be frozen responsibly”

The attached column in the Saint John Telegraph Journal newspaper discusses the Conservative party’s current energy platform in the ongoing election campaign. The platform is a depressing commitment to return to previous policy mistakes driven by arbitrary rate freezes and price roll-backs without corresponding cuts in underlying cost. This failure is particularly ugly given that the Conservative Leader Mr. Alward had the entire HQ MOU debate, which started last fall, to think about the issues and to develop a viable position.

One comment in the piece is, “New Brunswick’s electricity and gas utility story is a Greek tragedy of good intentions becoming self-inflicted wounds.”

PDF attached energy-rate-cant-be-frozen-responsibly-tj-september-11-2010.

Post Script: Here is an interesting survey of the role of the Irving-owned newspapers in the province during the debate over the failed proposal by Hydro Quebec to buy a large portion of NB Power.


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