OPA Chairman Party to Power Contract

Aecon Group Inc., whose chairman and CEO is also chair of the Ontario Power Authority, John Beck, announced yesterday that it has partnered with Peter Kiewit Sons Co. for a $1.7 billion design build contract awarded by Ontario Power Generation for the construction of the Lower Mattagami Hydroelectric Complex, about 70 km northeast of Kapuskasing. Aecon reports a 20% interest in the construction joint venture that will redevelop four generating stations on the Mattagami River.


  1. My wife and I are contracted for an 80.2 cents per unit return on our solar array. Aren’t we lucky? Well perhaps. But believe me, things have not run smoothly. Even at that price it feels like a mistake as often as not.

    But that is by the way. My main purpose here is protest at the OPA’s glaring double standard. The OPA is not shy of laying down deadlines. But it’s shy of honouring them. Each time we email the OPA asking when we might expect to receive our final contract, we get an auto-reply telling us that we will receive a full reply “within 10 days”. We sent out first email on June 8th, the second on June 18th. We have still received no actual reply to either email. It’s worrying. It’s unprofessional. So now I send this message direct to Mr Adams. Simple things like this do matter. At least they do to us.

    We received our conditional contract on 16th Dec last year by the way, and signed our connection agreement with Hydro on March 29th.

    Kind regards, Tony Whieldon (reference FIT-MP8QKVZ)

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