Ontario Sustainable Energy Alliance claims to “represent consumer interests”

In a submission dated May 31, 2010 to the OEB providing opinions in support of transmission system expansion, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Alliance (OSEA) claims to “represent the consumer interests that demanded the GEA in the first place”. If you are a consumer who did not demand the Green Energy Act, you might want to inform the OEB that OSEA doesn’t speak for you. The comments of OSEA and those of other interested parties as well as a report from OEB Staff on some of the technical considerations and precedents related to transmission project development planning are available here.


  1. Visit their web site and check it out for yourself: http://www.ontario-sea.org. Their Vision notwithstanding (which includes a desire for us to all contribute to Ontario’s economic demise by participating directly or indirectly in uneconomic, small-scale renewable generation), their Mission statement says nothing about representing consumer interests and says that they “serve the Community Power sector”. Their trough-hugging members obviously wanted the GEA but consumers clammering for it were definitely in the vocal minority.

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